Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

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In addition to the advocacy and support resources noted in this resource guide, the university also has
resources to help those who have experienced sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, or stalking obtain
reasonably available protective measures. These measures are available regardless of whether the person who requests them files a complaint with the university or through the criminal justice system.

Court-Ordered Personal Protection Orders

The University has staff who can provide information about obtaining court-ordered personal protection orders and who may be able to assist individuals in obtaining such orders. Please contact either SAPAC (734) 936-3333 or U-M DPSS 911 or (734) 763-1131 for assistance. SAPAC and U-M DPSS can also assist with safety planning.
If you obtain a court-ordered personal protection order, please let U-M DPSS 911 or (734) 763-1131 know and provide them with a copy. The university will uphold such lawfully issued orders and enforce them through U-M DPSS.


Other Protective Measures

A wide variety of other protective measures are available, including:
• Academic accommodations, such as rescheduling exams, adjusting class schedules to avoid contact with the respondent, etc.
• Change in living arrangements, such as changing floors or residence halls
• Change in work situation, such as relocation to provide a more private or secure location, additional security measures, etc.
• No contact instructions (to instruct the respondent to stop all attempts at communication or other interaction)
• Change in transportation arrangements, such as parking in a different location
• Assistance in reporting to on- or off-campus law enforcement or in initiating university disciplinary proceedings

The following offices can help arrange protective measures:

U-M DPSS—Division of Public Safety and Security (for all individuals)
1239 Kipke Drive (UMPD)
911 (emergency)
(734) 763-1131 (non-emergency)

Dean of Students (for students)
3000 Michigan Union
530 South State Street
(734) 764-7420

Office for Institutional Equity (for students, faculty and staff)
2072 Administrative Services Bldg.
1009 Greene Street
(734) 763-0235 (voice)
(734) 647-1388 (TTY)


SAPAC can also provide assistance to those seeking protective measures, including individuals who do not want to make a report to the university or to law enforcement:

SAPAC (for students, faculty and staff)
2450 North Quadrangle
105 S. State Street
(734) 936-3333


In addition, faculty and staff who are experiencing domestic or dating violence may also speak with SAPAC (see above), their direct supervisors and U-M DPSS to create a safety plan, or contact Human Resources:

Staff Human Resources
2005 Wolverine Tower
3003 South State Street
(734) 763-2387

Academic Human Resources (for faculty)
1009 Greene Street
(734) 763-8938

UMHS Human Resources
2901 Hubbard, Suite 1100
(734) 647-5538