Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

An image featuring a shaving razor, about No Shave November

On the chilly morning of the Ohio State game on November 28th, the SAPAC Bystander Intervention and Community Engagement (BICE) program partnered with Beyond the Diag to have a table outside of the Ginsberg Center. We gave out free bagels, water, hot chocolate, No Shave November goodies, and encouraged passersby to have a dialogue about consent. Regardless of the ways you do--or do not--grow body hair, No Shave November for Consent is an opportunity for you to talk to others in your community about consent, opening conversations that will help us all build healthier relationships. SAPAC Volunteers, SAPAC redshirts, and Beyond the Diag Neighborhood Ambassadors held up signs that said, "I <3 consent", "Ask me about my beard", and "Ask me about consent!" Those who stopped by showed their support for SAPAC and expressed how important the need for consent is, and took photos with the signs we held up and used the hashtag #NSNForConsent on social media. Even people who were just walking by expressed their support by shouting "I LOVE CONSENT!" and other such phrases. The response was overwhelmingly positive. It was empowering to know that, even on this rivalrous day, most people - even those who were wearing red - could support our cause. While November and therefore No Shave November for Consent has ended, you can still be involved next year at! For information about more things BICE will be doing throughout the year, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

Article contributed by: Jasmine Rubio

Image Created by: Daphine Zhao