Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Survivors of Sexual Assault Handbook

As a victim of a crime, you may be eligible for monetary assistance. Assistance may include compensation for medical expenses, counseling, rehabilitation, and loss of earnings resulting from an injury that is the direct result of a crime. Claims should be filed within one year; however, there are exceptions for child victims of sexual abuse and upon petition for good cause. You can get a claim form from Crime Victim Services Commission, the local Prosecuting Attorney, any State Police post, or from SAPAC.


Below are the law enforcement considerations that must be met to receive victim’s compensation: the crime must be reported to a law enforcement agency within 48 hours unless there was a good cause for the delay. This provision is waived for child victims. The victim must be willing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor, and the Commission.


The SAFE Response program, which is administered by the Crime Victims Compensation board, will also pay for your medical forensic exams. The following link contains additional information about the Crime Victim’s Compensation Board and a downloadable SAFE Response Claim form. See Chapter Three for more details about the SAFE Response program.

If you have difficulties completing the paperwork, SAPAC may be able to assist you.

Crime Victims Services Commission

P.O. Box 30026

Lansing, MI 48909

(517) 373-7373