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We currently have two tiers of involvement that we offer students at the University of Michigan: Ally Training and Volunteer Training.

SAPAC Ally Training Program

The SAPAC Ally Training Program seeks to empower participants with the knowledge, awareness, and skills needed to be actively involved in the movement to end sexual and intimate partner violence.  The SAPAC Ally Training Program is a great first step in receiving basic training regarding these issues and becoming a supporter of the movement. This training is open to all students, staff, and faculty at the University of Michigan. Ally Training is offered once a semester (during the Fall and Winter semesters).

SAPAC Volunteer Training

The SAPAC Volunteer Training program is an intensive 30-hour training that provides in-depth information on a comphrensive plan to prevent sexual violence. Volunteer Training is a requirement if you are interested in volunteering with the Bystander Intervention and Community Engagement ProgramNetworking, Publicity, and Activism Program; or Peer Education Program. This training (volunteer opportunity) is only available for University of Michigan students. Volunteer Training is offered once a year (during the Winter semester).

If you have any questions about Ally Training or Volunteer Training and opportunities, please feel free to contact the SAPAC office at 734-764-7771.