Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

No More Intimate Partner Violence #IPVAM

Intimate partner violence (IPV), sometimes referred to as dating or domestic violence, is defined as physical, sexual, and/or emotional violence and psychological harm perpetrated by a current or former partner. October is Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month; raising awareness this year is more important than ever, as rates of IPV have increased dramatically in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions.

To help raise awareness and share resources, we’re asking everyone who feels comfortable to participate with us in No More’s awareness campaign. On your social media, you can share either our pre-filled sign (No More Intimate Partner Violence), or fill in a blank copy with your own word(s).

IPV and sexual violence intersect with other kinds of violence and oppression: institutional, ideological, systemic, etc. So if you like, go ahead and say, No more racism. No more misogyny, no more homophobia, biphobia, transphobia. No more ableism. No more xenophobia. No more fat shaming, no more ageism. Survivors exist at the intersection of all of these kinds of violence, and you bringing awareness and sharing resources helps.

Furthermore - no more stigma around help-seeking behaviors. No more shame or guilt. No more silencing, or isolation. If you are experiencing or have experienced IPV or any other form of sexual violence, you are not alone, and help is out there. Click here to schedule an appointment with a member of our Survivor Care Team.

If you’d like to participate in our #NoMore IPVAM efforts, please go to this Google folder, which includes both fill-in and pre-filled in versions of the #NoMore signs; post on social media, and hashtag #IPVAM.

 Print Out (pick up in SAPAC office) or split screen’ fill-in or pre-filled or regular pre-filled or fill-in

For more support/resources: