Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

SOAP and SAPAC Collaboration Logo

Student activists from SAPAC's Men's Activism Program and Students Organizing Against Prisons (SOAP) began meeting during the fall semester to plan a collaboration event regarding sexual violence and the prison industrial complex. After a few months of probing discussions and careful planning, seniors from SOAP's Lead Team, Alex Kulick and Tessa Fast, and from the MA Program, Judith Zatkin, Alex Olkowski, and Sabriye Gill, had developed a workshop for their two groups to address the often unseen and infrequently discussed intersections between their two groups. What transpired was an informational, enlightening, and motivating discussion on Febrary 12th between approximately twenty members of each group, many of whom had never before considered the similarities and shared goals of the anti-violence and prison abolition movements. The two groups addressed tough questions and began brainstorming solutions for the groups to mobilize around for future collaborations. All in all, members of both SAPAC and SOAP recognized the significance of this unexpected alliance and are eager to further develop their partnership in coming semesters.