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By Don, Men's Activism Volunteer

Our Frat Chat event was a facilitated discussion wherein representatives from various Greek Life organizations met with the Men's Activism program on Tuesday, April 9th over some pop, chicken wings, and a mutual desire to help the campus community. For me personally, as a facilitator of this event, it was really empowering to realize that groups that are not involved with us generally would like to work with us. The fraternities were interested in what we had to say, and gave us perspectives on the idea of raising male awareness to the cause that were both new to us and brilliant. The overall idea, I think, is that, sure, SAPAC and Greek Life are two different communities. However, both of these communities seek to empower and strengthen the greater community they all share: the campus community. Frat Chat was both of our groups showing each other how we could do that together, without anyone compromising their beliefs.