Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

SAPAC's MA Co-Coord Meghana presenting at NASPA

A reflection from former Men's Activism Co-Coordiantor, Meghana Kulkarni after presenting at NASPA Region III Symposium at Disney World:

Last month, I had the honor of presenting the tremendous work of the Men’s Activism program at the annual NASPA Region III conference in Orlando, Florida. Specifically, my presentation focused on the effort and ingenuity behind the No Shave November for Consent campaign.

In a women’s movement that has largely been survivor centric, messaging created by sexual assault prevention campaigns is often triggering to the average man or woman who has never been exposed to sexual violence (or recognized their own experiences as sexually coerced). Universities across the country are now acknowledging the great need for sex-positive and inclusive campaigns which promote healthy sexual habits. No Shave November for Consent is one of the first campaigns to engage men directly and has been enormously successful not only at the University of Michigan but at the University of Georgia in Atlanta and Concordia University in Portland. The recent momentum sexual assault prevention has received is absolutely necessary to harness and utilize to create lasting change on our college campuses. I sincerely hope the No Shave November for Consent campaign continues to grow exponentially.

Being the co-coordinator for the Men’s Activism program this year has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The SAPAC staff are incredible people who have mentored me and continue to support and showcase the voices of SAPAC students. I always liked being a leader, but it wasn’t until I stepped into SAPAC that I truly felt comfortable in that role. With a cause as important as ours and an incredible group of uplifting people, SAPAC students have the opportunity to work hard and find real success in transforming their college community.