Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

NPA and other SAPAC volunteers participating in the Diag demonstration 4/8/16

The NPA's have had such a successful semester! We welcomed over 20 new volunteers to our group, and we're so lucky to have them. With so many new volunteers we were able to table many events this semester, and work towards reaching as many people on campus as possible, one of our main goals. Some of the events we table at include, but are not limited to Winterfest, the Greek Women Speak Out, Take Back the Night, and of course Week of Activism. Usually the NPAs have one large event/project winter semester, but this year we were able to have two. Including rEV we had our first ever Week of Activism!

rEV: Making Art for Change: This year marks eleven years of rEV! Our opening ceremony in the West Quad Connector was a huge success. An even bigger success was the number of submissions we received. We received a record number of over thirty submissions of many different mediums- all of which beautifully communicated rEV's themes of gender, sexism, sexual violence, and empowerment.

SAAM Week of Activism: This year the NPAs held our first ever Week of Activism, as a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). From April 4th-8th the NPAs held several events in observance of SAAM. We tabled in several locations around campus (including North Campus!) to raise awareness of SAAM, as well as promoting self-care. We gave out goodie bags full of candy, mandalas to color, tea, and even playdoh. To close out our Week of Activism we held a demonstration to honor survivors of sexual violence on the Central Campus Diag. Using the number from last year's campus climate survey, we carried 97 balloons around campus to honor the 4,850 survivors who experience sexual assault in the 12 month period of 2014-2015 on our campus.

SAPAC and the International Centre's Sexual Misconduct Training: In Summer 2015, the International Centre offered its first round of mandatory Sexual Misconduct Training for new international students, complimenting existing training on the US legal system. This training, which focused on cultural differences in attitudes to sexual misconduct, was developed over the course of the summer by SAPAC NPA volunteers Nayoung Kim (Law School, Korea) and Ali Chetwynd, (PhD in English, UK), Bystander Intervention and Community Engagment volunteer Sarah Hong (undergraduate, Korea), and Psychology PhD student Yidi Li (China). The hour-long training session, which focused on Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Intimate Partner Violence, reached over 1000 of 1200 new international graduate students, and almost 500 of 600 new undergraduates in early August. Covering in-depth discussions of concepts such as consent, interactive analysis of case studies, and conversations between students about how things varied between their own home cultures, the training received encouraging evaluations, with 270 of 300 responses suggesting that the training was extremely valuable. For 2016, the presentation will be expanded to ninety minutes, with expanded time for the popular interactive segments and more focus on LGBT issues. Hopefully this will only be the start of collaboration between SAPAC and the international centre