Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Students stand in the Diag in front of a SAPAC poster

As the fall semester comes to a close, the NPA (Networking, Publicity, and Activism) volunteers have already accomplished a great deal. First came a number of beginning-of-the-year tabling events. SAPAC tabled for Pride Outside, Pre-Class Bash, Festifall, and a number of other events for promoting SAPAC and educating new and returning students about the resources and services available to them on campus, as well as informing people about the volunteer opportunities SAPAC has to offer.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Continuing with the idea of educating peers, the NPAs chalked the Diag for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. They spread messages of support and love as well as provided information for finding help. SAPAC also tabled on the Diag for this event. They provided information about and resources for people experiencing intimate partner violence, as well as tied purple ribbons on the light posts in an effort to spread awareness.

New Volunteers and Volunteer Training

12 new Red Shirt volunteers joined the NPAs this semester, and the required 30-hour volunteer training will begin in the winter semester. The deadline for applying for volunteer training is Monday, January 11th.

29th Annual Sexual Assault Speak Out

One of the biggest events the NPAs worked on this semester was the 29th annual Speak Out. This year, over 150 people attended this forum for survivors of sexual violence to speak about their experiences in a public and confidential space. At Speak Out, survivors were also given resources for getting help, support, and reporting incidents of sexualized violence to police or the university.


Giving Blueday

The day after Speak Out, December 1, was the university’s day of giving, Giving Blueday. NPAs and SAPAC supporters shared statuses and photos on social media to bring attention to raising money for SAPAC. We our goal of raising over $3,000 in 24 hours! To donate to SAPAC, click here.

Upcoming events: Telling the Untold Truth (TUT) and rEVOLUTION: Making Art For a Change

The winter term brings a new set of events: the Telling the Untold Truth (TUT) dialogue series is an event with the goal of sparking campuswide conversations about sexualized violence as it pertains to groups that aren’t seen as being a part of the “typical” narrative. Also coming up is the annual art show, rEVOLUTION: Making Art For a Change, which will be held March 25 from 7-10, with a reception held in the Connector of West Quad. The art show is based on themes of gender and gendered violence, sexism, sexual violence, and empowerment. We hope to see you there!