Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Photo of promotional material used for Peer Education event, saPAC the Diag

WOWOW (workshops on workshops on workshops)

The PEs kicked the 2014-2015 school year off with workshop requests coming in back to back on top of Relationship Remix during the fall. After we quadrupled in size from 13 volunteers to 53 after winter volunteer training, finding facilitators got a whole lot easier. Our dedicated volunteers devoted nearly 300 hours to workshops this year, reaching a total of 5934 students, faculty, & staff through Relationship Remix, Sexual Assault 101, Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Bystander Intervention. Many of our workshops this year were tailored to fit the specific needs and experiences of each audience, and we were able to reach many new organizations and communities, while strengthening relationships with groups we had worked with in the past. Some of the audiences we reached include: Telluride Association, Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC), LSA Student Government, Central Student Government, Interfraternity Council (IFC), Sister 2 Sister, UHS student and professional staff, Hillel, Army ROTC, and Circle K District Convention participants. We were also able to extend our services to the academic community this year, reaching GSIs, professors, and a Women’s Studies lecture.

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Workshop Revision Squad

    This year a subcommittee of PEs came together with the purpose of revamping our workshops in order to make the content more modern and relevant to the current climate around issues of primary prevention and sexual violence. They have updated the language, references, and statistics in our Sexual Assault 101 workshop, and added information about the neurobiology of trauma. The WRS also updated our workshop request submission page, and began to develop an post-workshop evaluation form to further measure the effects of our educational efforts. The WRS looks forward to presenting their workshop revisions to SAPAC professional staff at the end of this semester and showing off all their hard work!


saPAC the Diag

The PEs also launched a brand new event on the central campus Diag this year, entitled “saPAC the Diag: Get Consensual.” The purpose of the event was to promote primary prevention education on a larger scale, reaching people that may not typically seek out our workshops. The event featured educational and interactive activities through four main stations: Arts & Crafts/Self-Care, Inclusive Language, Education, and Swag/Information. Overall, saPAC the Diag was a success, reaching hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and administrators who participated in our activities, enjoyed our freebies and swag, and engaged in meaningful conversations with our volunteers about SAPAC, consent, social identities, respect, and self-care. We received a lot of positive feedback about the event, especially in our post-event evaluation survey, as well as many thoughtful and useful suggestions for areas of improvement, which we will integrate into planning for future years. The Peer Education Program has never before had its own large-scale event, so we hope that saPAC the Diag will become a PE annual tradition for years to come.


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PEep fam <3

The PEs really became a tight-knit community this year. Through meaningful icebreakers and self-care activities during meetings and various bonding events throughout the year, our volunteers were able to connect and bond outside of their SAPAC roles, and many PEs developed deep friendships with others in the group. It was incredible to feel all of the positive energy and camaraderie at every meeting, fueled by the extent to which volunteers supported and cared for one another, and reflected by volunteers feeling more and more comfortable sharing deep, personal stories and experiences with one another, creating powerful spaces of courage and vulnerability.