Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

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This semester has been very busy for the Peer Education program. Not only have we nearly doubled in size since the fall, now nearly forty strong, but we’ve started new and exciting collaborations and workshop-building with other organizations in order to raise awareness of sexualized violence on campus. Central to our work has been revamping our workshops. We’ve given each of our workshops — Sexual Assault Introduction and Myth Busting, Bystander Intervention and Intimate Partner Violence on Campus, and Stalking & Sexual Harassment — serious editing and expansion, bringing in identity politics, more inclusive language, and rewriting our scenarios to better reflect realities of campus life. Another aspect of this semester has been fostering leadership and training our volunteers to be the best facilitators possible. We have one of the most progressive workshops on any campus in America, Relationship Remix, so we need facilitators equally progressive. Through script trainings, facilitation problem solving, and practicing difficult workshop questions together as a group and individually, we’re confident our PEs are among the most knowledgeable facilitators on campus. And this shows, since we’ve had the most recorded winter semester workshop requests ever. This semester alone, PEs have given over fifty hours of facilitation to Greek-life, professional fraternities, and other student groups, reaching nearly 3000 students!

One of our largest goals this year has been to expand the role of our volunteers beyond our workshops and central campus in Ann Arbor, so we’ve laid the foundation for fall collaboration with Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS) and the International Center. We also had great reception with our Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) collaboration, in partnership with the MAs, which gave students an open arena to talk about informed consent and recreational drug use. Only SAPAC provides students with resources to this sort of area to have a frank discussion, and for that we’re incredibly proud. This is just a taste of the work all our volunteers are doing in the community.