Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Peer Educators at saPAC the Diag

The Peer Educators have had a very busy winter semester!

After volunteer training at the beginning of the semester, the PE program grew again and we are now 48 volunteers strong. Our volunteers have facilitated 21 workshops for about 476 students on primary prevention of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and healthy relationships. We have reached a variety of groups on campus including CSG candidates, the A/PIA Mentorship Program, Pretty Brown Girls, UM Student Ambassadors, Sister 2 Sister, and various professional, social, and service fraternities and sororities. Thank you to everyone who requested workshops from us!

We also had our 2nd Annual SAPAC the Diag which, despite the cold weather, was a huge success! The goal of our event was to engage members of the campus community that we don’t typically get to with our workshops in conversations about primary prevention and consent. It’s also a great opportunity to talk to our peers about what SAPAC has to offer them and how they can get involved. This year, we had three stations: SWAG, Self-Care, and Community Outreach and Education.

  • The SWAG station gave SAPAC goodies and freebies including SAPAC stickers and buttons (some designed by our very own graphic design specialist, D!), condoms and suckers (with consent facts attached to them), and t-shirts (given to SAPAC by Michigan Creative) to students who were interested.
  • The Self-Care table had homemade stress balls, self-care goodie bags, and DIY friendship bracelets to help passing students relieve some stress right before finals. They also had handmade signs with positive messages such as “I <3 Consent” for participants to take pictures with and post to social media to get the word out!
  • Finally, our brand new Community Outreach and Education station collaborated with several UM student groups to raise awareness of how sexual violence affects different identities and communities. Our collaborators were CAPS, SAAN, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Lambda Beta, Sigma Sigma Rho, Zeta Phi Beta, and Iota Phi Theta. Thank you to all our wonderful co-facilitators who made the event special! The table also featured a station where passersby could write messages of hope and encouragement to survivors. Congratulations to the Peer Educators for a successful semester of educating our campus about sexual violence and promoting healthy relationships!

Picture credit: Laura Meyer, NPA Co-Coordinator

Written by: Katherine Lyon and Danielle Norman, PE Co-Coordinators