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Please take a look at the Peer Led Support Group facilitator application if you are a current SAPAC volunteer interested in this paid position. Applications are due March 18th at 5pm. 


                                                        JOB DESCRIPTION 

TITLE: Co-Facilitator for SAPAC Peer-Led Support Group (Student Employee)

COMMITMENT: Approximately 7-10 hours per week for 14 weeks each semester

TRAINING: SAPAC Volunteer Training

SUPERVISOR: Amy Burandt, Program Manager of Survivor Care



  • Help to establish a safe, educational, and confidential environment in which group members can discuss distressing experiences and feel included, heard, and supported
  • Assist the group to generate group rules to help create a safe space
  • Support members of the group to learn appropriate ways to communicate thoughtfully by modeling certain ways of responding
  • Refer and connect group members to appropriate resources if a higher level of care is required
  • Publicize and recruit for the Peer-Led Support Group
  • Respond to emails, phone calls, and other requests of campus community
  • Participate in yearly performance reviews


  • Awareness of the long-term impact of sexual violence on college-age survivors and the process of reconnection in recovery
  • Demonstrable willingness to work as a group facilitator with survivors of sexual assault
  • Able to design, facilitate and evaluate a semi-structured group format specific to sexual assault survivors
  • Open and receptive to learning from group members, respecting their understanding of their own experience and their sense of their own needs
  • Available for the hours specified and willing to operate flexibly with referrals
  • Must be an active volunteer in one of SAPAC’s three student volunteer groups


  • Commitment to SAPAC’s values, mission, policies, and vision
  • Strong self-awareness and interpersonal communication skills
  • Cultural humility and the ability to work in a diverse setting
  • An understanding of confidentiality and its importance in SAPAC’s work

                                                     APPLICATION QUESTIONS

In a separate document, please answer the following questions as accurately as possible. Please e-mail your application to You may also direct any questions about the application or the position itself to this e-mail address. Thank you for your interest in being a SAPAC Peer Led Support Group Facilitator. We look forward to reviewing your application. 


Name: _____________   Year: _______   School and Major: __________________________

Phone Number: (_____) ___________   Email: ____________________________


  1. Please explain your current or past involvement with SAPAC (specify positions and volunteer program if applicable)
  2. Please list all current commitments you have including jobs, volunteering programs, extracurricular activities, etc.
  3. Please list and explain any relevant experience to this position, past or current, that you have (group facilitation opportunities, leadership roles, etc.)

SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (approximately one paragraph per question):

  1. What motivates you to apply for this position?
  2. If hired as a co-facilitator, what do you believe you will gain from the experience?
  3. If hired as a co-facilitator, what do you believe you will be able to uniquely bring to the group?
  4. What do you think your greatest challenge will be as a facilitator of PLSG?
  5. How do you believe PLSG can be beneficial for survivors?
  6. What are some concepts you feel are important to learn, or know (procedural or basic knowledge), in order to be a successful facilitator for PLSG?