Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Congratulations to SAPAC volunteers Meagan Williams and Lindsay Cannon for being chosen to travel with Dr. Michelle Munro-Kramer and Dr. Sarah Rominski to the University of Cape Coast in Ghana over spring break to train student peer educators there on how to facilitate Relationship Remix. We are so proud that SAPAC students have the opportunity to share what they have learned from their own experiences facilitating Relationship Remix here at the University of Michigan with other students internationally.

Both Lindsay and Meagan were asked why they were excited about this opportunity: 

Lindsay Cannon: Facilitating Relationship Remix has been one of the most rewarding opportunities of my graduate career, as I have seen students challenge themselves to think critically about the culture that they want to create on their campus. I am passionate about curbing sexual violence in the United States and globally and I feel that this program presents a unique opportunity to better understand the cultural correlates of intimate partner violence in Ghanaian society and to prevent gender-based violence through female empowerment. I am exceedingly interested in helping to create partnerships between U.S. universities and counterpart organizations abroad, as the only truly sustainable way to create public health change on a global scale is to establish opportunities for mutual learning. I am also excited to learn about adapting interventions in new contexts, especially by tailoring an effective program to the correlates of sexual and intimate partner violence in Ghana. More than anything, I am excited to learn from Dr. Munro-Kramer, Dr. Rominski, and the team of capable facilitators, both from the University of Michigan and the University of Cape Coast, with whom I will be participating in this experience.

Meagan Williams: I'm so excited to share my love for Relationship Remix with a population so vastly different than our typical audience. It has been a privilege to participate in the program here at U of M and watch it evolve into what it is today, and each Fall semester I am incredibly proud of what we all are able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. To be able to share my passion for sexual violence prevention work with these students in Ghana is such a unique opportunity, and I cannot wait to collaborate with them and their institution in creating a culture free of gender-based violence.