Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Picture of Men's Activism Marketing Material Award

On April 10th, U of M Center for Campus Involvement held their annual student-centered event, The Michigan Difference Student Leadership Awards. The event was held in the Michigan Union Rogel Ballroom and involved over 24 categories of student leadership and involvement on campus (including categories such as “Forever Go Blue”, “Unsung Hero”, “Smooth Moves”, etc.) designed to recognize individual students, as well as student organizations for their exceptional work. The event invited nominated students, student organizations, as well as their supportive staff to eat, network, celebrate and enjoy the entertainment.

This year, the SAPAC Men’s Activism Program won the Outstanding Marketing Material Award for their “These Hands Don’t Hurt” initiative, in which highlighted the MA Program’s creativity, dedication and hard work toward violence prevention. The initiative which was formed  to create the  “Strength” collage shows hundreds of photographed male hands, of various backgrounds, each wearing a red bracelet which reads “These Hands Don’t Hurt” to signify their pledge to end violence in all its forms.

Each participating man also signed a pledge reading:

"I pledge to never use my hands to hurt, abuse, disrespect, or in any way violate the wishes of others. I will use my hands to help stop sexual, domestic, and power-based violence in any and all forms, at all times, and in all places. These Hands Don't Hurt."

The “Strength” collage piece also served as the Men's Activism Program’s contribution to the SAPAC rEVOLUTION art exhibit.

“We are really honored to receive the Outstanding Marketing Material of the Year Award at the Michigan Difference Student Leadership Awards for our These Hands Don't Hurt initiative! Thanks so much to the Center for Campus Involvement, the participants in this campaign, and especially the volunteers who made it happen!”—Alex Olkowski, MA Program Co-Coordinator