Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Flyer saying "ask about my beard"

It’s that time of year again! SAPAC Men’s Activism Program is putting away our shaving materials and "growing out" for consent.

SAPAC's No Shave November for Consent is an annual event that was started to get more men in the conversation of sexual assault and consent. The idea was to take the pledge to learn about consent and prevent sexual assault. By taking the pledge a person would not shave throughout the month of November and would present the opportunity to educate others about consent when asked about their beard.

However, we wanted everyone to be included in the conversation regardless of their ability to grow a beard, and thus have created ways for others to be able to participate and engage themselves and their community beyond pledging. Be on the look out for pins to represent your participation in the campaign, more educational materials for people, and more fun in participating for NSN 4 Consent! On November 23rd, we will have our annual football tournament, so bring friends, start your own team and sign up to participate!!!! 

CHECK US OUT on our website to get more updates about our events and learn more about this important campaign!!!

Also, check out the Men's Activism Program's No Shave November for Consent promotional video for 2014!