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Please look at the co-coord application if you are a current SAPAC volunteer interested in the paid position of leading one of our volunteer programs!




Name: ______________________________

Phone: _____________________________

Email: ______________________________

Current Year in School/Major? ________________

Expected Graduation Date: ___________________________

Number of Semesters involved in the (fill in volunteer program here) Program: ____________________

Are you eligible for work-study?  ___________________


Please answer the following questions as best as possible.  Please send all application materials to  Applications are due by Monday, March 11th by 5 pm. Interviews will be held Friday, March 15th and Sunday, March 17th. 


  1. Describe your involvement in the (fill in your Volunteer Program) thus far. What have you brought to the group? What do you see as your role with the other volunteers and current co-coordinators?


  1. Tell us why you are interested in this position. How would this position meet your personal and professional goals?     


  1. What would you like to see change about your program, and SAPAC in general? Is there anything you would want to implement, improve, or disregard?


  1. Describe your past leadership experience. What positions and experiences have you had that you think would enhance your ability to be an effective co-coordinator? What qualities do you feel make a good leader/coordinator?


  1. Given other time commitments, can you see yourself being able to devote the time and energy (an average of 15 hours per week) necessary to the Coordinator position?  What will your class and/or work schedule be like?  How soon would you be able to begin?


  1. What areas would you need to improve upon in order to be an effective co-coordinator?


  1. This position requires a great deal of personal self-reflection and awareness about your identities and leadership style.  What are your experiences with reflection? How has it been a useful tool for you in your learning and growth?  How would you integrate it in to your work at SAPAC?


  1. What ideas do you have for how to make your Volunteer Program more inclusive?​


  2. One of SAPAC values includes empowerment. How would you apply and utlize this empowerment value and philosophy in your co-coord role?


  3. What is your availability to interview on Friday March 15th 9 am-5 pm? What is your availability to interview Sunday, March 17th 11am-7pm?  Please provide specific times for both dates.