Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

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On Wednesday, November 6, 2013 join us in the Michigan Union Ballroom at 7:00 PM for SAPAC's 27th Annual Speak Out, a survivor public forum. We welcome all survivors of sexualized violence to share their stories in a safe and confidential space, regardless of their background or experiences. Advocates will be present and a debrief will follow in the SAPAC office and is open to all.

To any university staff: Although we appreciate your support, we ask that you symbolically stand with survivors instead of attending the event. We ask this so that we can guarantee a safe and confidential space, free from reporting regulations. We would like to thank you for symbolically showing your support and continuing to be an ally to survivors in all the important work you do.

For student employees: In your student employee role, including as a graduate student instructor, there may be certain reporting protocols that you must follow as well. If you are attending, we ask that you attend as a student and not as a student employee of the University. If there is a possibility you may feel conflicted with reporting due to your employment, please refrain from attending.