Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

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Student Sexual Misconduct Policy


The University of Michigan (University or U-M) values civility, dignity, diversity, education, equality, freedom, honesty, and safety, as described in the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and is firmly committed to maintaining a campus environment free from sexual harassment, and sexual assault, collectively referred to in this policy as sexual misconduct.

Sexual misconduct jeopardizes the mental, physical, and emotional welfare of our students, as well as the safety of our community. Sexual misconduct diminishes students’ individual dignity and impedes their access to educational, social, and employment opportunities. It can permanently impact students’ lives and may cause lasting physical and psychological harm. Sexual misconduct violates our institutional values and its presence in the community presents a barrier to fulfilling the University’s scholarly, research, educational, patient care, and service missions. Sexual misconduct, therefore, will not be tolerated at the University of Michigan and is expressly prohibited.

This policy provides information regarding the University’s prevention and education efforts related to sexual misconduct by students, as well as how the University will proceed once it is made aware of student sexual misconduct in keeping with our institutional values and to meet our legal obligations under Title IX and other relevant law.

The policy can be accessed here: