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Love Beyond Bounds

SAPAC, in co-sponsorship with Spectrum Center and CEW+, are bringing Corey Kempster and Jari Jones to talk about their relationship and love. The event is specifically near Valentine's Day, a holiday that is often very heteronormative and hurtful for people who hold marginalized identities. We hope that by creating an affirming and inclusive space that is a great representation of love and healthy relationship norms we can promote inclusivity and respect in all relationships on our campus!

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Love Actually Screening and Dialogue

Make sure your LOVE is ACTUALLY expressed this holiday!

Join SAPAC's Consent, Outreach & Relationship Education (CORE) Program as we present the film Love Actually, followed by a dialogue where we’ll discuss consent, healthy relationships, and respect.

Feel empowered this holiday season and go into the New Year feeling knowledgeable about how to convey love to those you care about!

Free popcorn will be provided!

When: December 10th at 6:30pm
Where: CCRB Room 3735

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3rd Annual SAPAC CORE Dialogue Series

The 3rd Annual SAPAC Dialogue Series presented by SAPAC's Consent, Outreach, and Relationship Education (CORE) program will include collaborations with the Black Student Union and Phi Chi Theta Business Fraternity. The series will end with a screening and discussion about the movie Love Actually.

CORE will be partnering with the Black Student Union and Phi Chi Business Fraternity for a series of conversations about consent, norms. and power dynamics in different cultures on campus

Consent, Outreach, & Relationship Education (CORE) Volunteer Program

The CORE Volunteers are a nonprofit student volunteer organization within the University of Michigan’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center.  Their work focuses on changing the campus climate through workshops centered around primary prevention of sexual misconduct. They accomplish this goal by facilitating personalized workshops with subjects such as Healthy Relationship & Consent.  These workshops work to enhance communication skills and equip student groups on campus with the tools they need to create and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

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