Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Fall 2018 Peer Led Support Group

SAPAC's Peer-led Support Group is a weekly, drop-in, confidential healing space for UM students who identify as survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, or stalking. The group aims to empower survivors and facilitate resilience, reconnection, stress relief, and anxiety reduction for our participants. We’ll be doing this through semi-structured activities, self-care practices, creative arts, and creating a safe space for sharing if participants choose to do so.

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Fall 2017 Peer Led Support Group

SAPAC's Peer-led Support Group is a weekly, drop-in and confidential group for survivors to express concerns and find support among peers in a comfortable setting facilitated by student staff. The group offers semi-structured activities, self-care practices and safe space for sharing if individuals choose to do so and is open to all survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. University of Michigan students of all identities, ages, and genders are welcome to participate, as long as they are University of Michigan students.

Winter 2016 with Peer Led Support Group

It has been an exciting semester for SAPAC’s Peer Led Support Group (PLSG), a confidential, peer-facilitated community that provides a space for student survivors of sexual violence to discuss concerns and practice self-care. PLSG meets twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30. At meetings, we begin by encouraging participants to discuss their weekly “highs” and “lows,” what they have done outside of meetings for self care, and any other concerns that they are interested in bringing to the group.

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Fall 2015 with Peer-Led Support Group

This semester’s experience within the Peer­Led Support Group has been truly groundbreaking. Not only have we continued to grow in membership, but we also have increased the frequency of our meetings to twice a week. This has allowed students to both engage more actively with the PLSG community and to have more flexibility when their academic schedules would have otherwise conflicted. Additionally, with the help of our fellow SAPAC volunteers and staff members, we have continued to spread the word of the value of a drop-­in, confidential support group as an option for survivor care.

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