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Alcohol & Sexual Assault

Alcohol is the substance used most frequently used to facilitate sexual assault.(Campus Sexual Assault Study, National Institute of Justice, 2007)

Approximately 50% of reported cases of sexual assault involve alcohol consumption by the survivor, the perpetrator, or both. (Abbey, Zawacki, et al., 2001)

Communities of Color and the Impacts of Sexual Violence

The impact of sexual violence on different communities can be understood by looking at challenges unique to each community. Communities of color often face multiple barriers when dealing with the aftermath of sexual violence. Kimberle Crenshaw described these barriers as being built and strengthened through “the imposition of one burden interacting with pre-existing vulnerabilities to create yet another dimension of disempowerment” (Crenshaw, 1991).

Drugs & Sexual Assault

Drugs used by perpetrators to incapacitate and rape people exist in the University of Michigan community and are on the rise.  The most common rape drug is alcohol.

Helping a Survivor of Sexual Assault

It can be a very challenging experience when someone discloses a sexual assault; however, knowing how to be supportive can be crucial in a survivor’s healing process. There are two things you need to think about: how you can support the survivor, and how you can take care of yourself.

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

For someone who has experienced sexual violence during their service, there are resources available to assist, support, and advocate for you on and off the University of Michigan campus. SAPAC is dedicated to providing resources and support to MST survivors whether they are veterans or current service members.

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Options for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Sexual assaults can be terrifying and traumatic. You are not to blame and you are not alone. Various options are available to you if you have been sexually assaulted, including a medical examination, supportive counseling, reporting the crime, and informal conflict resolution

Resources for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Survivors

The Body and Trauma
  • In situations of trauma the neocortex (or"thinking brain") shuts down and problem-solving abilities are harder to access.
  • Survivors often blame themselves for not acting or avoiding the situation, when sometimes what is happening in the brain during a traumatic event will not allow them to fight back.
  • The functioning of the brain during and after trauma may cause survivors to experience flashbacks unexpectedly.

Sexual Assault & TBLG Survivors

People who identify as transgender, bisexual, lesbian, gay and also as survivors of sexual assault face not only the barriers to seeking help that all survivors face, but also a range of obstacles that are unique to the TBLG community.  Some of the issues that are unique to TBLG survivors are listed below.


Sexual Assault and Survivors with Disabilities

FACT:  People with disabilities are twice as likely as the general population to experience rape and sexual assault.

(2007 Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report on Crime Against People with Disabilities)

Power and Control Wheel, from Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Trauma, Power-Based Violence & Sexual Health

While common reactions have been noted, all reactions to trauma are normal since sexual and power-based violence affect everyone differently; prior experiences will interact with all of the other intimate elements that make up an individual including both their biology and social circumstances.

chart of the window of tolerance by Ogden PhD.

What Are My Options?: Information on the Sexual Assault Kit Evidence Submission Act

Survivors of Sexual Assault now have a say in what happens with the data collected from a Sexual Assault Evidence Kit. The new law states that a hospital can hold the kit for up to one year without turning over the evidence and that it is the survivor’s choice of what will happen with that evidence. It’s important to know about the kit, what the parameters of the new law are and where you can get additional support if you are ever in the situation where you are contemplating getting a Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit.

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