Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Networking, Publicity, and Activism in Fall 2015

As the fall semester comes to a close, the NPA (Networking, Publicity, and Activism) volunteers have already accomplished a great deal. First came a number of beginning-of-the-year tabling events. SAPAC tabled for Pride Outside, Pre-Class Bash, Festifall, and a number of other events for promoting SAPAC and educating new and returning students about the resources and services available to them on campus, as well as informing people about the volunteer opportunities SAPAC has to offer.

Students stand in the Diag in front of a SAPAC poster

Telling the Untold Truth: Freehearts

Join the Networking, Publicity, and Activism group on Wednesday, January 28th in Conference Room 4 of the League from 7-9 pm to have a conversation about the misconceptions involving human trafficking.

Telling the Untold Truth flyer, with information about when and where the event is

28th Annual Speak Out

Join us Tuesday, November 11th in the Michigan Union Ballroom at 7:00 PM for SAPAC's 28th Annual Speak Out, a survivor public forum.

Flyer for Speak Out with date and time information