Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are essential to our well being, whether they be romantic, friendships, family relationships, etc., so it is important to take time to think about what we want in our relationships and how we will go about working toward those things.

                                         If you imagine relationships being like trees---

                                                   The roots of healthy relationships are:


Bystander Intervention

A proactive bystander is an individual who accepts personal responsibility for a situation and intervenes to ensure the well-being and/or safety of others.

Bystander intervention is necessary to create and promote a safe, respectful and welcoming community.

Steps to Intervention:
1. Notice the event
2. Interpret the event as problematic
3. Assume personal responsibility
4. Take action

Your Role as an Ally

Who is a SAPAC Ally?

An ally is an individual who consciously strives towards promoting justice and ending marginalization. Becoming a SAPAC ally means that you recognize that sexual and intimate partner violence is an issue in our culture and at the University of Michigan, and you will not tolerate it. It means that you will be a proactive bystander and actively work to reduce rape culture and victim blaming; encourage healthy relationships; continue to educate yourself and others in your community; and remain committed to supporting survivors.

Be a SAPAC Ally!

Relationship Remix at the DSA Research Symposium

On May 15, 2013, three representatives from the Relationship Remix lead team were invited to the Michigan Union to present at the tenth annual Division of Student Life Research Symposium: Connecting Theory to Practice. Conference presenters were Holly Rider-Milkovich, Director of SAPAC, Laura McAndrew, Sexual Health Educator at University Health Service, and Carley Flanery, Relationship Remix Workshop Coordinator.

Picture of Carley Flanery, Laura McAndrew, and Holly Rider-Milkovich