Graduate Research, Outreach, Workshops, and Evaluation (GROWE) Volunteer Program


What is GROWE?

SAPAC’s Graduate Research, Outreach, Workshops, and Evaluation (GROWE) Volunteer Program is designed for graduate students interested in educating the U-M graduate student community about sexual assault prevention and providing information about available resources. Currently, our primary offering is the peer-to-peer workshop, Engendering Respectful Communities (ERC). We are consistently seeking energetic and innovative volunteers who will help us expand our programming.


GROWE’s values are:

  • Community - We foster community among volunteers, partner organizations, and across campus. We strive to cultivate a compassionate, empowering, and respectful community that centers the needs of survivors and graduate students.
  • Humility - We own our mistakes and use them as opportunities to grow. We acknowledge every person’s inherent worth and value.
  • Well-being - We give thoughtful attention to everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional experience.
  • Trust - We cultivate mutual trust with one another, those we partner with, and the entire University of Michigan community by honoring one another’s intentions and demonstrating respect for each person.
  • Courage - We approach situations with an open mind and genuine curiosity about others’ experiences. We are not afraid to be vulnerable and to share our authentic selves.


What is the Engendering Respectful Communities (ERC) Program?

The Engendering Respectful Communities Program (ERC) pilot program grew out of a collaboration between Rackham Graduate School, SAPAC, and other offices in Student Life. ERC is a one-session workshop combining multiple instructional tools to engage graduate students in meaningful dialogue about the various forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination that they may encounter. Participants are then able to build skills on how to intervene safely in potentially harmful situations. ERC workshops make use of the circle process, which focuses on building meaningful connections between participants and ensuring all participants can engage in respectful dialogue. All sessions are facilitated by current graduate students. 


Who leads GROWE?

Student Co-Coordinators: Ally Jaster & MyKeisha Wells

Questions? Contact: [email protected]