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Get Involved! Volunteer Training

SAPAC Volunteer Training Fall 2023 Applications are open! Students interested in volunteering with any of our 5 volunteer programs can fill out an application by September 19th!

SAPAC Office Support Assistant Applications Open

SAPAC is hiring student Office Support Assistants! The purpose of the Office Support Assistant position is to be a presence at the front desk of the SAPAC office for anybody who comes in with questions, seeking support services, looking to get involved, etc. The Office Support Assistant will be responsible for providing up to date information about SAPAC services, events, and programs as well as assisting those seeking SAPAC support get connected to services and resources. The person in this position is the first point of contact for many visitors to the office and thus this person may need to navigate challenging situations or difficult conversations. We are looking for a reliable, dependable, punctual, communicative, and detail-oriented UM students to fill this position. Applications Due: Wednesday, September 20th at 11:59pm


Peer Led Support Group for People of Color, or POC PLSG, a collaboration between SAPAC and MESA, is a drop-in, confidential healing space for survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and/or sexual harassment, who identify as people of color. Facilitated by student staff, POC PLSG is a place for survivors of color at UM to find not only community but healing opportunities, including anxiety-reduction, self-care activities, and mindfulness.

LGBTQ+ Peer Led Support Group

The LGBTQ+ Peer Led Support Group (PLSG), a partnership between SAPAC and Spectrum Center, is a confidential healing space for those who identify as survivors of sexual violence, sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and/or stalking. LGBTQ+ PLSG is a weekly drop-in, student-led group that welcomes students of any gender, age, degree level, or identity.

SAPAC Peer Led Support Group

SAPAC's General Peer Led Support Group is an open drop-in, confidential healing space that meets twice a week for University of Michigan students who identify as survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, or stalking. The group aims to empower survivors and facilitate resilience, reconnection, stress relief, and anxiety reduction for our participants. We’ll be doing this through semi-structured activities, self-care practices, creative arts, and creating a safe space for sharing and processing if participants choose to do so. 

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Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Please fill out this form to request an appointment.

24-hour Crisis Line:
(734) 936-3333

Office Phone:
(734) 764-7771

4130 Michigan Union
530 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1308

Free and confidential support services are available to current UM students, staff, and faculty.

Information on UM's Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy and more can be found here.

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