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SAPAC Reflections

The recent escalation of violence that the world is witnessing in Israel/Palestine is profound and harrowing. The complexity of the conflict that has been and continues to occur within the region is more nuanced than a single post could ever capture or speak to. What is readily apparent is the profound impact of violence, trauma, and human suffering that is being experienced by all people within the region, whether they be Palestinians, Israelis, or individuals who do not identify within either community. Central to SAPAC’s work are the values of non-violence, social justice, and survivor empowerment. We embrace these values because SAPAC recognizes the history of violence across our societies and the profoundly harmful ripple effects those acts of violence can cause across lifetimes and generations. Survivors of trauma are the experts of their own experience and deserve immediate and equitable access to the support they need due to the individualized impact trauma can cause to their lives. Within the communities of Israel and the Gaza Strip, the realities of violence and trauma are being acutely experienced now. And, like is true in all conflicts, the young, the old, and the vulnerable will experience a disproportionate level of impact and trauma when compared to any other group. Similarly, we know that there has been an increase in instances of gender-based and sexual violence within the region, and it is possible that there will continue to be an escalation in these forms of violence for years to come. SAPAC seeks to provide a community of support and safety for all survivors of trauma. It is also very common for individuals who have experienced harm to have their own trauma triggered when they witness depictions of real world violence. If you or someone you care about is experiencing difficulty please know SAPAC is available to provide both direct support and provide connection to other useful resources. Please use our public intake form to schedule an appointment with a SAPAC Advocate or call SAPAC’s 24-hour support line at (734) 936-3333 to access immediate support.

Apply for a SAPAC Student Staff Position!

We are so excited to share the 2024-2025 SAPAC student staff positions that are now available to apply for! We are proud to be able to offer so many paid student staff positions here in SAPAC.

Here you will find job descriptions and applications for each position.

Please note that different positions may have different deadlines and interview schedules. You will find those details in the application materials.

Our student staff positions are absolutely critical to our mission to effectively offer prevention education for students, provide confidential support for survivors, and collaborate with other groups and offices to offer trainings, programs, and innovative community engagement strategies to collectively create a campus free from violence. We highly encourage anybody interested to apply!


Winter 2024 Meeting Schedule:

Mondays via Zoom - 5:30-6:30pm
Fridays in person - 4:30-5:30pm
Final Meeting of Winter 2024 will be Friday April 26th!

Location: In person - SAPAC Office, 4100 Michigan Union

SAPAC Peer Led Support Group

Winter 2024 PLSG Meetings:


SAPAC Office, Michigan Union 4100 (in-person), Zoom (virtual)

Sunday: 7-8:30 PM in person
Tuesday: 7:30-8:30 PM virtual

Queer Masculinity Open Mic Event

Join Warp and the Michigan Men program within SAPAC for an open mic night celebrating queer masculinities!

This evening will feature performances and dialogues about masculinity, followed by informal community-building time. There will be an open coffee bar!

If you are a University of Michigan student interested in performing or would like more information, please visit this link: https://forms.gle/Uua5Xddv7FoPg9kR9

Location: Cahoots Cafe (206 E Huron St.)

Time: Friday 4/19 from 6-9 PM

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Free and confidential support services are available to current UM students, staff, and faculty.

Information on UM's Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy and more can be found here.

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