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SAPAC is Hiring!

SAPAC is excited to announce that we are hiring for 2 full-time professional positions! The deadline to apply for these positions is 8/2/2021! These positions are:

  • Assistant Director for Survivor Support and Advocacy - serves on the SAPAC Leadership team and provides long-term visioning, goal setting, management and evaluation for SAPAC’s survivor support services including advocacy, case management, support groups, trauma-informed care, and other programs to support survivors. Learn more and apply here:
  • Case Manager and Advocate - provides support, information, and advocacy to students, staff, faculty at the University of Michigan who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, stalking, harassment, and other forms of sexual misconduct. This includes crisis counseling, information, referrals, and support to students, staff, faculty, and others affiliated with the University. Learn more and apply here:
Flier sharing that SAPAC is hiring two full-time professional positions


Peer Led Support Group for People of Color, or POC PLSG, a collaboration between SAPAC and MESA, is a drop-in, confidential healing space for survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and/or sexual harassment, who identify as people of color. Facilitated by student staff, POC PLSG is a place for survivors of color at UM to find not only community but healing opportunities, including anxiety-reduction, self-care activities, and mindfulness.

POC PLSG Details Spring 2021

SAPAC Peer Led Support Group

SAPAC's Peer-led Support Group is a weekly, drop-in, confidential healing space for UM students who identify as survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, or stalking. The group aims to empower survivors and facilitate resilience, reconnection, stress relief, and anxiety reduction for our participants. We’ll be doing this through semi-structured activities, self-care practices, creative arts, and creating a safe space for sharing if participants choose to do so. Overall, we want to provide a supportive, understanding community that welcomes UM student survivors of all ages, genders, and identities. Activities during the Sunday and Tuesday meetings of each week with be the same, so people have the opportunity to do the activities regardless of which day they can attend. 

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Free and confidential support services are available to current UM students, staff, and faculty.

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