Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

Michigan Men

Join our Michigan Men programming and explore the impacts of masculinity on individuals, relationships, and communities. Through our group dialogue workshops, led by our student Peer Facilitator organization, you'll gain valuable skills for promoting wellness, building healthy relationships, and creating inclusive and empathetic communities. Our program is open to University of Michigan students and is designed to help you develop individualized wellness plans, acquire toolkits for preventing interpersonal violence, and foster supportive relationships.

Our workshops are 90 minutes and are a great opportunity to learn and grow. Sign-ups for our workshops are included in the programs listed below. If you want additional information, please email We can't wait to work with you!

Eligibility: Michigan Men's programming focuses particularly on the societal expectations of masculine-identified people and the effects these have on masculine-identified individuals, relationships, and communities at large. All University of Michigan students are invited to partake in any programs offered, regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, physical ability, or any other identities.



Michigan Men Peer Facilitators

Michigan Men Peer Facilitators facilitate all Michigan Men workshops. Members co-lead dialogues and support participants of other Michigan Men programs in gaining new skills and strategy tools. Members meet for 90-minute meetings every week for ongoing education, programming preparation, and action planning. Visit this page to learn more and sign-up!

Michigan Men Dialogue Workshops

Our 90-minute dialogue workshops orient participants to conversations around masculinity and social dynamics. Our workshops include the following:

  • The Michigan Man-Box
  • Masculinity and Well-Being
  • Masculinity and Wellness-Focused Relationships
  • Power, Privilege, Oppression, and Hegemonic Masculinity

Participants can request a workshop for their organization or sign-up individually and be placed in a pool of other individuals interested in a similar workshop. If you intend to request a workshop for your organization, please do so at least three weeks before the potential workshop date. Visit our Michigan Men Workshop page to learn more and sign up!