Volunteer Programs

Michigan Men

What is Michigan Men?

Michigan Men programming focuses on socialization around gender, specifically masculinity, and its impacts on individuals, relationships, and communities. Our programming equips participants with skill sets promoting wellness, healthy relationships, and values-driven communities through dialogue-based group workshops. We envision an inclusive and empathetic campus community where all members can be their authentic selves, develop individualized wellness plans, acquire toolkits for interpersonal violence prevention, and build mutually supportive relationships.

Graduate Research, Outreach, Workshops, and Evaluation (GROWE) Volunteer Program

What is GROWE?

SAPAC’s Graduate Research, Outreach, Workshops, and Evaluation (GROWE) Volunteer Program is designed for graduate students interested in educating the U-M graduate student community about sexual assault prevention and providing information about available resources. Currently, our primary offering is the peer-to-peer workshop, Engendering Respectful Communities (ERC). We are consistently seeking energetic and innovative volunteers who will help us expand our programming.

Survivor Empowerment & Ally Support (SEAS) Volunteer Program

What is SEAS?

The Survivor Empowerment and Ally Support Program is SAPAC’s tertiary prevention education volunteer program.

What is Tertiary Prevention?

Tertiary prevention is all about creating healing, supportive and empowering spaces for survivors of sexualized violence. Our goal is to not only empower survivors in their healing process but to educate others on how to be allies to survivors of sexualized violence. Tertiary prevention recognizes that healing is not linear and works to promote self care and healing as well as create trauma informed spaces.