SAPAC's Anti-Racism Statement

SAPAC addresses sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and sexual and gender-based harassment on campus in a multitude of ways. We offer prevention education for students, confidential support for survivors (students, faculty, and staff), and partnerships with other offices to offer trainings, programs, and innovative community engagement strategies that strive to collectively create a campus free from violence. 


We acknowledge the complex history of the anti-violence movement. This movement includes tremendous strides towards equality and social justice as well as the continued perpetuation of racism, bias, oppression, discrimination, and prejudice – the very things that the movement seeks to dismantle. 


It is our goal to eliminate the racism, bias, oppression, discrimination, and prejudice that have affected sexual violence service delivery, and we have created commitments that will shape every aspect of our work. 


  • SAPAC strives to create a diverse community of students and staff that is accessible, welcoming, affirming, and inclusive.


  • We value a community that acknowledges, celebrates, and learns from our similarities, differences, and multidimensionality.


  • We embrace cultural humility, social justice accountability, and equitable support of all community members.


  • We strive to provide programs and services that are culturally-informed and center the unique background, identity, and experiences of those we serve.


  • We commit to engaging in self-examination of our own biases; being open to feedback; and evaluating and improving our services to ensure they more effectively serve historically marginalized communities. 


  • We are committed to enacting anti-racism in our practices, policies, and procedures.


  • By enacting these practices, we seek to transform our culture to one that is free of violence and honors the dignity and worth of every person.