Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

IPVAM 2020 #NoMore

Intimate partner violence (IPV), sometimes referred to as dating or domestic violence, is defined as physical, sexual, and/or emotional violence and psychological harm perpetrated by a current or former partner. October is Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month; raising awareness this year is more important than ever, as rates of IPV have increased dramatically in the wake of Covid-19 restrictions.

To help raise awareness and share resources, we’re asking everyone who feels comfortable to participate with us in No More’s awareness campaign. On your social media, you can share either our pre-filled sign (No More Intimate Partner Violence), or fill in a blank copy with your own word(s).

No More Intimate Partner Violence #IPVAM

Virtual Reading with Lexie Bean

Join SAPAC SEAS for a virtual reading from author Lexie Bean, member of the RAINN National Leadership Council, editor of Lambda Literary nominated Written on the Body, and author of The Ship We Built, which centers on themes of “loneliness, faith, gender, addiction, incarceration, and imagination.”

This reading discusses sexual abuse from the lens of a young transgender boy and is based off of Lexie’s own experiences. This event will include a reading from The Ship We Built followed by a Q&A segment.

When: Tuesday, October 27th 7-8pm

Register for this event here!

Cover of The Ship We Built, which features night sky and hot air balloon.

IPVAM: Trauma-Informed Virtual Yoga Online Event

Join SAPAC SEAS for a trauma-informed level 1 vinyasa class. Registration online at the provided is required before class starts.Admission is $12, and half of all proceeds will be donated to SafeHouse Center.

Open to all U of M students.


When: Friday, October 16th 3-4pm


Register Here!

Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month

Appreciating SAPAC Volunteers

As the semester draws to a close, we are looking back at everything our amazing volunteers have done. SAPAC has 3 volunteer Programs: Consent, Outreach, & Relationship Education (CORE); Bystander Intervention & Community Engagement (BICE); and Survivor Empowerment & Ally Support (SEAS). Our Co-Coordinators for each of these programs created a Volunteer Appreciation slideshow to document and share all of the accomplishments these groups have achieved this year!

Collage of SAPAC marketing materials from the year including Volunteer Training, Capturing My Healing, Speak Out, workshops, and more.

rEVOLUTION: Making Art for Change 2020

SAPAC SEAS’s 15th annual art show, rEVOLUTION: Making Art for Change has gone virtual! Now more than ever, we are hoping to offer a space for healing and inspiration with this site. Check out the rEV website featuring visual art, writing, music playlists, guided meditations, and more!


Check it out here!

If you’re interested in sharing part of your healing and self-care journey with us, submissions will be open until April 27th at

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