Peer Led Support Groups

SAPAC Peer Led Support Groups

SAPAC’s Peer Led Support Groups (PLSG) are weekly drop-in confidential healing spaces, led by trained student staff members. These groups are open to any University of Michigan students who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, or intimate partner violence, who may be looking for a safe space to decompress, process their emotions, do calming arts and crafts, and find community with other students who may have shared experiences. 

We offer 3 different groups which you can learn more about on each group's page:


Winter 2024 Meeting Schedule:

Mondays via Zoom - 5:30-6:30pm
Fridays in person - 4:30-5:30pm
Final Meeting of Winter 2024 will be Friday April 26th!

Location: In person - SAPAC Office, 4100 Michigan Union

LGBTQ+ Peer Led Support Group

Interested in learning about trauma, trauma-informed care, and healing in community with survivors? Curious about the LGBTQ+ Peer Led Support Group? Come to a workshop! Hosted by SAPAC's LGBTQ+ Peer Led Support Group facilitators!

When: LGBTQ+ PLSG is on pause for Winter 2024, but stay tuned for opportunities to engage and other updates!

SAPAC Peer Led Support Group

Winter 2024 PLSG Meetings:


SAPAC Office, Michigan Union 4100 (in-person), Zoom (virtual)

Sunday: 7-8:30 PM in person
Tuesday: 7:30-8:30 PM virtual