Consent, Outreach, & Relationship Education (CORE) Volunteer Program

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What is CORE? 

The Consent Outreach and Relationship Education Program is SAPAC’s primary prevention education volunteer program. 


What is Primary Prevention? 

Primary Prevention is all about culture shift. Our goal is to create respectful communities that practice consent and healthy communication within relationships. This does not just apply to romantic or sexual relationships but also platonic, familial and peer relationships. Primary prevention addresses the “core” causes of sexual violence in hopes to prevent sexualized violence before it ever happens. This approach shifts the responsibility of prevention to society and off of survivors.


What are CORE’s main events/workshops offered? 

Throughout a program/academic year CORE offers peer-to-peer Consent and Healthy Relationship workshops for student groups across campus as well as hosting various events including but not limited to: 

  • Annual Speaker Event 
  • SAPAC the Diag & Dude 
  • Dialogue Series


Who leads CORE? 

Staff Advisor: Kelsey Cavanagh-Strong, Program Manager for Student Engagement 

Student Co-Coordinators: Reva Lalwani & Emily Feldman

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CORE volunteers