Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

What is GROWE?

The Graduate Research, Outreach, Workshops, and Evaluation (GROWE) Volunteer Program is designed specifically for graduate students interested in providing specific resources to the U-M graduate student community. This work will include facilitating peer-to-peer educational workshops, including the Engendering Respectful Communities (ERC) program, to other graduate students on U-M’s campus. 


What is the Engendering Respectful Communities (ERC) Program?

 The Engendering Respectful Communities Program (ERC) pilot program grew out of a collaboration between Rackham Graduate School, SAPAC, and other offices in Student Life. ERC is a one-session workshop (with possibility of follow-up sessions) combining multiple instructional tools to engage graduate students in meaningful dialogue about the various forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination that they may encounter. Participants are then able to build skills on how to intervene safely in potentially harmful situations. These sessions primarily utilize peer-to-peer graduate students to facilitate dialogue within circle format.


Who leads GROWE?

Staff Advisor: Heather Colohan, Program Manager for Systems Advocacy & Community Outreach

Student Co-Coordinators: Katelyn Kennon and Blessing Egbuogu