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Peer Facilitators

Peer Facilitators provide direct facilitation of the Michigan Man-Box and the Expedition of Manhood. Peer Facilitators may select to facilitate only Michigan Man-Box workshops or Expedition of Manhood programs they wish to facilitate based upon their availability and overall interest in Michigan Men programming from the University of Michigan community members. All Peer Facilitators must complete Peer Facilitator training and attend ninety (90)-minute bi-weekly meetings with fellow peer facilitators for ongoing education, programming oversight, and action planning. Additionally, we encourage our members to share their overall Michigan Men programming insights and further shape the program to reflect the student body’s interests, desires, and needs.


Peer Facilitator Training

What will be covered?

Peer Facilitator training coincides with SAPAC’s Volunteer Training program. Training provides pertinent information on how to effectively facilitate SAPAC’s and Michigan Men’s collective programming and a framework of how one’s role as a facilitator fits into the University’s collaborative plan to promote well-being and prevent harm. This training serves as a foundation for participants to develop facilitation skill sets promoting personal wellness, healthy relationships, and values-driven communities through dialogue and engaging activities.

Topics include:

  • The Cycle of Socialization
  • Identity, Intersectionality, and Authenticity
  • Power and Privilege
  • Systems of Oppression
  • Well-Being and Care
  • Responding to Disclosures
  • Supporting Individuals and Communities
  • Harm Prevention and Intervention
  • Community Building and Organizing
  • The Cycle of Liberation
  • Community and Personal Action Planning
  • And more!

The training is a series of Canvas modules that include information, video presentations, live group discussion via Zoom, and application activities. Facilitators of the training program include university staff, interns, current SAPAC volunteers, and community members.

Who can participate?

The Peer Facilitator program is open to all currently enrolled students at the University of Michigan, including undergraduate and graduate students. To be able to be a peer facilitator, we require at least a two (2) semester commitment (Fall and Winter).

Michigan Men programming focuses particularly on masculine-identified people’s societal expectations and their effects on masculine-identified individuals, relationships, and communities. All interested parties are invited to partake in Peer Facilitator training, regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, physical ability, or any other identities.

What can you do after training?

Peer Facilitator training is required to facilitate Michigan Men programming. Additionally, after you participate in Peer Facilitator training, you can join one of the following groups to continue your knowledge, skill development, and be actively involved in promoting social justice at the University of Michigan.

  • Michigan Men
  • Consent, Outreach, & Relationship Education Program (CORE)
  • Bystander Intervention and Community Engagement Program (BICE)
  • Survivor Empowerment and Ally Support Program (SEAS)

When is the next training?

The next Peer Facilitator training will be held throughout October of 2020. Are you interested in joining? Sign-up!


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