Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

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SAPAC's General Peer Led Support Group is an open drop-in, confidential healing space that meets twice a week for University of Michigan students who identify as survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, or stalking. The group aims to empower survivors and facilitate resilience, reconnection, stress relief, and anxiety reduction for our participants. We’ll be doing this through semi-structured activities, self-care practices, creative arts, and creating a safe space for sharing and processing if participants choose to do so. 

PLSG aims to provide a supportive, understanding community that welcomes student survivors of all ages, genders, and identities. The group is open to all survivors of sexual violence, whether those experiences happened earlier in life, or in college.


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Spring/Summer 2022 PLSG Meetings:


SAPAC Office, Michigan Union 4100

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Bi-weekly on Tuesdays 8:00-9:30pm


Meet the Facilitators:

Kristin Orrach is an incoming first year student at the School of Social Work, studying Integrated Health and Interpersonal Practice. She is a recent alumna of LSA where she studied Psychology with a minor in Gender and Health. She is involved in SAPAC’s BICE (Bystander Intervention and Community Engagement) group, volunteering at SafeHouse Center, research in the Psychology Department with the Social Comparison and Close Relationships Lab, and volunteering with children at Michigan Medicine’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. She wanted to become a PLSG co-facilitator to be a part of a space that creates a warm and supportive environment for survivors, and make an impact in a community that focuses on survivor-care. This is her fourth semester facilitating PLSG, and she looks forward to forming new connections with participants in a space that encourages creativity, healing, and growth.