Sex Education from the Margins: Unpacking Consent and Healthy Relationships

SAPAC and MESA are excited to welcome HEART for a conversation on unpacking consent and healthy relationships as well as a discussion of their book Sex Talk: A Muslim’s Guide to Healthy Sex and Relationships! This event will also feature a panel of SAPAC students and HEART members as they dicuss their roles and impact, how intersecting identities shape decision making and thinking around sexuality and relationships, and more! Light refreshments will be provided! Event is open to all! 


When: Wednesday November 2nd, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: North University Building, Room 1528


HEART is a national public-health nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sexual health, uprooting gendered violence, and advancing reproductive justice by establishing choice and access for the most impacted Muslims. Learn more about HEART here


Sex Talk: A Muslim’s Guide to Healthy Sex and Relationships is a self-guided reflection workbook for Muslims to break the ice around uncomfortable conversations and create safe, healthy relationships. This resource will allow you to think critically not just about the topics of sex and healthy relationships, and violence, but also deeply reflect on how our faith and cultural identities intersect with our sexuality and the decisions we make regarding sex and relationships.