Surveys and Studies

Researchers and offices from all over the country are seeking a better understanding of survivor experiences. Please don’t feel any pressure or obligation to participate; just know that, if you have experienced harm, your perspective would be incredibly welcome. Feel free to look through the availabile studies and surveys on our Survey & Studies - Looking for Participants document; be sure to note any participation parameters a study or survey may have, to ensure that you’re eligible to participate.


Surveys & Studies - Looking for Participants 


Note: Surveys & Studies - Looking for Participants document is a google doc; to ensure anonymity, we've made the settings so that anyone who accesses the document will show up as "Anonymous [animal]" to anyone else who is in the doc at the same time.


Disclaimer: The Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center does not endorse any of the surveys or studies included on this page. If you have an adverse experience with any of the opportunities included in this document, please inform SAPAC staff immediately by emailing [email protected], or calling (734) 764-7771.

If you have a survey or study you’d like to be considered for inclusion on this page, please direct those requests to [email protected]