Apply for a SAPAC Student Staff Position!

We are so excited to share the 2024-2025 SAPAC student staff positions that are now available to apply for! We are proud to be able to offer so many paid student staff positions here in SAPAC. 
Below you will find job descriptions and applications for each position.

Please note that different positions may have different deadlines and interview schedules. You will find those details in the application materials. 
Our student staff positions are absolutely critical to our mission to effectively offer prevention education for students, provide confidential support for survivors, and collaborate with other groups and offices to offer trainings, programs, and innovative community engagement strategies to collectively create a campus free from violence. We highly encourage anybody interested to apply!
Peer-Led Support Group (PLSG) Positions (2 open positions for each PLSG for a total of 6 open positions -- open to graduate and undergraduate students)
Graduate Student Positions to Support Prevention Programming (4 open positions) 
NEW THIS YEAR: Social Media Position! (1 open position) 
Student Staff Positions to Support Prevention Programming for First-Year Students! (2 Grad Student Positions and 16-18 Facilitator Positions for a total of ~ 20 open positions) 
Co-Coordinator of Volunteer Programs CORE, BICE, SEAS, and Michigan Men Positions (2 positions open for each program for a total of 8 open positions):