SAPAC Peer Led Support Groups

 SAPAC Peer Led Support Groups

SAPAC’s Peer Led Support Groups (PLSG) are weekly drop-in confidential healing spaces, led by trained student staff members. These groups are open to any University of Michigan students who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, or intimate partner violence, who may be looking for a safe space to decompress, process their emotions, do calming arts and crafts, and find community with other students who may have shared experiences. 

We offer 3 different groups which you can learn more about on each group's page:

Note: Due to COVID-19, many PLSG meetings will be virtual; please check each group's page (linked above) for the most up to date meeting details


FAQ about our Peer-Led Support Groups

What does drop-in mean? Can I join anytime?

  • Yes, you can join anytime! Drop-in means that PLSG is an open group, in which people are welcome to come to just one meeting, meetings every week, or whenever they want. There is no requirement to attend consistently. 

How can I stay involved even if I can’t make it this semester?

Is this a confidential and anonymous space?

  • While PLSG is completely confidential, the level of anonymity is up to each individual student who participates. Some participants feel comfortable with connecting with others in the group personally, while others prefer to stay anonymous. Whatever your level of comfort is, is totally fine! Just like with other confidential services at SAPAC, the facilitators may need to identify a participant to their supervisor if that person expresses an intent to harm themselves or others. 

Is this group right for me?

  • PLSG is open to any UM student of any identity who has experienced harm related to sexual or interpersonal relationship violence. It’s okay if you’re not sure how to define your experience, or if you identify with the label of “survivor.” Such labels and definitions are often topics of conversation within the group, and it’s normal to be unsure. PLSG is a support group, not group therapy. If you are interested in group therapy options, check out CAPS website here. If you have any questions about whether this group is the right fit for you, please feel free to contact the SAPAC office at [email protected], or the facilitators of PLSG at [email protected]